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Financial Security: Why I Need Protection as Much as I Want To Travel

Financial Security: Why I Need Protection as Much as I Want To Travel

To travel is to love. To love is to travel.

I travel to see things and, sometimes, I also travel for work.

I travel to learn from the adventures and misadventures.

I travel to discover the place, its history and culture and, more importantly, myself.


When I travel, I can save more bucks if I travel with friends. The more we are in the group, the greater the savings. It is because we can split the costs and share the wonderful experience with everyone in the group. “The more, the merrier”, they say.

So how does it relate to a life insurance?

Life Insurance is a risk-sharing financial tool. This means that the financial risks are spread evenly within a large number of contributors to the program. Generally, individuals are happy to take on the risk in exchange for a small premium they believe is sufficient to cover an unanticipated larger costs or financial risks.



Traveling is fun but it also has its share of risks.

They say “Money cannot buy peace of mind.” but I think I just did.

With life insurance, I am at ease knowing that someone will be there for me and my family when an unfortunate thing happens.

How does it feel knowing someone will be there for you and your family when a critical illness strikes or an unfortunate thing happens?

How does it feel knowing you can also help other people (theoretically) who also take on the risk for you and the rest of the group?

The Good News!

Hey! I don’t need an unfortunate event to happen before I can reap the rewards of a life insurance.

Nowadays, life insurance companies provide products with savings, health benefits and investments component.

It can help me fund emergencies (without the need to ask from family, relatives and friends), education, car, business, home and of course, travel.

Some products also have guaranteed cash value, dividends and endowment benefits that I can use to secure my retirement years.



Receiving lifetime guaranteed cash perfect for retirement even before age 65. ✔

Participating in pre-emptive wellness program for that “Oh la la beach body!” ✔

Peace of mind when a critical illness strikes.✔

Securing my love ones’ future (with or without me).✔

Guaranteed loanable cash during emergencies. ✔

Cash dividends.✔

Or cash fund for more travels! ✔



If you are thinking, “How can I get one?”


Two-years ago, as a single independent woman, I found the need to secure my future and that of my parents.

I seek for a financial advisor and discussed my goals, needs and priorities.

Then, I got a VUL. It is a product with protection and investment. This means that aside from life insurance, portion of my premium will go to investments. I got it for less than Php 70.00/day. The amount will vary depending on the age and the person’s health condition so it is best to get as early as possible specially when you are still fit and healthy.

As an accountancy graduate, I didn’t fully understand the value of the VUL product after I purchased it and until I found my account with a fund. I guess financial literacy is truly learned outside the corners of the traditional education system. 🙂

From then and until now, I feel more fulfilled as I travel with an insurance protection – knowing me and my family’s future is financially secured no matter what!


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Where To Go As a Startup Digital Nomad

On my recent blog “5 Essential Questions To Answer Before You Start Your Digital Nomad Journey“, I wrote about the “WHAT” and “HOW” of becoming a digital nomad. This time I will write about the “WHERE”.

I have listed 3 cities that I would like to see and explore as a startup digital nomad. I’ve gathered blogs from existing digital nomads who have been there and done that as my guide:

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Buddy's "24 Reasons Chiang Mai is the Best Place for Digital Nomads" is a comprehensive list of why the city is the number one place for digital nomads.

I would like to highlight the two main points in the blog that is very important to me:

1. Cost of Living :

"You can live in Chiang Mai for about $500 a month.  You will live very well for $1000"

The cost of living is almost the same here in the Philippines and since I am just starting, I should make sure that my budget is in place. I need to control myself especially that I tend to be impulsive if I am new to a place. This is why budget planning is definitely a must.

2. Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Community

On my previous blog "What and How of a Startup Digital Nomad" I noted, from Casey Hynes' How To Succeed As A Digital Nomad: 4 Tips To Build Your Network, that to become one of the most successful digital nomad, one must be able to successfully develop a solid relationships as one travel around the world.

And with that in mind, Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Community will definitely be the best place to start networking. (Oops, not the MLM kind of networking please.)

As a start, I also joined some of the facebook group that the blog has mentioned. I hope I can find more digital nomads there. Let's chat! 🙂

Special Mention: Chiang Mai Coffee 

I know a person who can't live a day without coffee so he will definitely love it here.

See full list of 24 Reasons Chiang Mai is the Best Place for Digital Nomads

2. Bali, Indonesia

On Chris the Freelancer's Bali Wrap-Up: One month as a Digital Nomad on the ‘Island of the Gods’, he brokedown the cost of living and the best place to cowork in Bali.

I honestly have known Bali for it's beach and is very much interested in taking a dip but I will keep myself reminded that I'm a digital nomad now.

See Chris the freelancer's full blog here:

Bali Wrap-Up: One month as a Digital Nomad on the ‘Island of the Gods’

3. Phuket, Thailand

Lin's Digital Nomad’s Guide to Phuket: Coworking Spaces & Work-friendly Spots shares a comprehensive list of best coworking spaces in the island with their corresponding contact numbers. This is a handy list to have especially if you are just new in the place and don't know where to go.

I will definitely check the cafes here since I have a buddy who loves coffee.


See the full list here:

Digital Nomad’s Guide to Phuket: Coworking Spaces & Work-friendly Spots


Nomad List  - this site shows a comprehensive list of cities and their rating as to cost of living, internet, weather, air, fun and safety.

Have you visited Chiang Mai, Bali or Phuket recently?  Leave your message below. I would definitely love to hear your story!


5 Essential Questions To Answer Before You Start Your Digital Nomad Journey

I’m just a girl standing in front of my laptop asking it “How do I become a digital nomad?” ~ digitalnomadph’s #thenotebook  🙂

I always dreamt of travelling around the world. I envy my friends who were sent abroad by their employer for professional training. I always hoped for that same great opportunity however somehow it never happened to me.

I always believe that if it is for me, it is for me and the force of the universe will fall upon me or against me if it does or it doesn’t. I got tired of waiting. I knew that if I wanted to be anywhere in the world, I have to do something and not just sit on my ass wishing for it to happen. 

Here, I have gathered a list of amazing digital nomads and their blogs that inspired me to become one. I have listed down my top 5 questions about WHAT and HOW of becoming a digital nomad:

1. What is a Digital Nomad?

This question is answered by Steph and Andres of Discovering Ice (

The blog “What Is Location Independence And How Can You Achieve It?” answered how location independent workers such as travelling entrepreneurs or freelancers called themselves “digital nomads”. Becoming one isn’t really about travelling but it is about the freedom to move, to be able to control one’s own schedule, career and life. With the increasing availability of high-speed internet globally, it is now possible to create and forge a career by simply having an internet connection and a laptop/computer/smartphone.

See the full context of the blog here:

What Is Location Independence And How Can You Achieve It?

2. How Did It Started?

This question is answered by Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless (

Christine’s blogged about A Brief History of Digital Nomading.

I would just like to highlight the three points on her blog that really captured my interest:

1. It is amazing to know that as early as 1983 when the digital nomadism started. Steve Roberts became the very first digital nomad to set out on his computerised recumbent bicycle. I wonder how he was able to handle being a subject of travel envy during those times.

2. Digital Nomading become technically possible for the masses by 1999.

I did not come from a wealthy family. We lived paycheck-to-paycheck but I am grateful that my parents were able to purchase a computer for me and my brother despite the struggle. I remember when my brother and I saved for  Php 100.00 (~USD 2.00) to purchase dial-up internet load and sneak in our bedroom at midnight to avail the unlimited internet promo. We end up being caught by our mother because of the loud noises dial-up makes. 🙂  

3. The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Feriss is really the awakening. I have no idea what a digital nomad is until I found the audiobook I purchased through my free credit at

Even though I find some of his ad-lib somehow annoying, he is really the game changer for me. If it wasn’t for him, I may still be just hoping and wishing for life to be a little lot better than yesterday.

See the full context of the blog here:

A Brief History of Digital Nomading

3. How Do I Start?

The question is answered by Mish and Rob of Making It Anywhere (

Their blog “HOW DO I START?” – THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER TO OUR MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION becomes the first real eye-opener. Getting started is really easy as buying a plane ticket, packing my bags and go. However, becoming a digital nomad is not just about following my passion but also knowing how to sustain the lifestyle financially. At the end of the day, if I really want to become a digital nomad, I must be able to provide something of value to others and be able to monetise it to sustain my life of travel.

See the full context of the blog here:

“How Do I Start?”—The Definitive Answer to Our Most Frequently Asked Question

4. How Do I Find and Monetise My Niche?

The question is answered by Sharon of Digital Nomad Quest (

There are variety of ways you can make money online and Sharon made a comprehensive list of skills that anyone can use to earn money. It is true that it is not easy to make money online but with the right amount of effort and determination nothing is impossible with the power of internet. By simply building a website, anyone can start a digital nomad journey.

See Sharon’s full list here at:

How to Make Money Online While Traveling: The Fundamentals

5. How Do I Succeed as Digital Nomad?

The question is answered by Casey Hynes (

On her article in Forbes.comHow To Succeed As A Digital Nomad: 4 Tips To Build Your Network”, she pointed out that networking is an important ingredient of success in a digital nomad’s life. Although the lifestyle will enable us to work from anywhere, the most successful digital nomad is the one who have successfully develop a solid relationships as he / she cross paths with other people or fellow digital nomads around the world.

See the full article here at:

How To Succeed As A Digital Nomad: 4 Tips To Build Your Network

Ready to start your digital nomad journey? Read “Where To Go As Startup Digital Nomad